Registered Nurse, Founder, and Owner of AuNtrl. Mallory is a New York native who has naturally grown thick, long hair. Throughout the years of repetitively applying texturizers, heat, and styles that cause tension; she encountered thinning and severe damage. Despite the damage, she never considered going forth with the “big chop.” Instead, she chose to selectively grow, treat, and reverse the damage done by incorporating science, nature, and utilizing the same formulations produced by AuNtrl. The journey to natural hair is far from easy! It requires a lot of patience and dedication to achieve the end goal, and still, it remains an ongoing process. After struggling with her hair and beginning her transition process back in 2014, she faithfully began to incorporate AuNtrl’s formulations to her everyday hair care regimen.

The name itself says it all—-all Natural, Thick, Radiant, Long hair. AuNtrl is not just a brand, it is also a way of life. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-love, and ones overall health. As a Registered Nurse, she has become more mindful of not only what she puts inside her body, but also what she puts on it. With that in mind, she opted to root out all unhealthy ingredients and substitute them for natural and organic ingredients. She created this brand to help others on their natural hair growth and transformation journey as well. Besides helping others, she has always been very passionate about maintaining healthy long hair. Although cultivating healthy hair growth and restoration is her main goal, her overall mission is to empower you to embrace your CROWN and build confidence while doing so.

Fall in love with yourself, and your crown again.